9 - Is anyone exempt from paying royalties on items bearing Harvard’s trademarks?

Orders for Harvard insignia products by University schools, departments, units, and Harvard student organizations can be exempted from royalties as long as the items are limited in number, for internal use, for specific events, to be provided as gifts, or if produced for sale to the public (which is only allowed on a limited basis) the proceeds are used to benefit the Harvard unit selling the items. In addition, sales of royalty-exempt goods may not be made through a retailer, the Internet, or any other commercial venue. To be granted royalty exemption for the manufacturing of Harvard insignia items, the vendor being contracted by a Harvard unit to produce Harvard items must obtain a royalty-exempt license from the Trademark Program (see the Royalty-Exempt License section of the Domestic Licensing Program). To assist Harvard units and vendors with this process, the Trademark Program provides units with the names and contact information of companies licensed to produce Harvard insignia products. For more detailed information regarding Harvard’s royalty-exempt license, please click here.