3 - How does Harvard protect its trademarks from unauthorized use?

Harvard’s trademarks are protected by a wide variety of means. One way is through the many legitimate trademark registrations owned by Harvard throughout the world. Another way is through monitoring services which notify the Trademark Program whenever an attempt is made by an unaffiliated party to obtain a “Harvard” trademark registration anywhere in the world for any goods or services. The Trademark Program also uses a service to monitor the Internet for the registration of “Harvard” formative domain names and takes appropriate action whenever these domains lead to websites that infringe on Harvard’s trademark rights. Additionally, the Trademark Program has legal counsel, licensing agents, and licensees throughout the world who bring to its attention anyone attempting to use Harvard’s trademarks without the University's permission; and, as a protective measure, all of Harvard’s licensees are required to identify their products as being officially licensed by Harvard. Finally, Harvard faculty, students, staff, and alumni, as well as other concerned individuals, constitute an excellent network for identifying the unauthorized use of Harvard’s trademarks for goods or services around the world. To report the suspected unauthorized use of Harvard’s trademarks, please click here.