Related Policies & Guidelines


Related Policies & Guidelines: Policies with Relevant Use-of-Name Provisions or References

The following policies, while not use-of-name policies themselves, contain provisions confirming that the University’s use-of-name policies must be applied in all contexts in which an association (or implied association) with Harvard is represented, especially with regard to the application of the fundamental use-of-name policy standards of accurate representation and non-endorsement:

1. Statement of Policy in Regard to Intellectual Property

Relevant section:   Introduction, Page 2, Paragraph 5

2. Principles Governing Commercial Activities

Relevant section:   5. Public Trust, specifically (c) and (d)

3. Policy on Photographing and Filming on Harvard Property

Relevant sections:        3. Criteria and Limits

                                      4. Exterior and Interior Videotaping

                                      5. Signs or Insignia of the University or its units

                                      6. Promoting a Video

8. Individual faculty and students

9. Social Media

10. Third-Parties using University Facilities must follow these rules

4. Statement on Outside Activities of Holders of Academic Appointments

Relevant section:   4. Use of University Identification

5. Guidelines for Using Social Media
( and

Relevant sections:           Personal Responsibility and Liability

                                        Transparency and Endorsement

                                        Use of the Harvard Name

6. Guidelines for Events at Harvard University Sponsored by For-Profit Entities
( )

Relevant sections:           Planning and Content

                                                   Acknowledging Sponsors

7. Guidelines for Use of Harvard Name & Other Harvard Trademarks By Harvard Clubs and Harvard Alumni Association Shared Interest Groups   (