Use of Harvard's Name

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The Harvard Trademark Program administers Harvard University’s Use-of-Name policies and guidelines, which govern the manner in which Harvard schools, departments, units, and the wider Harvard community may use the Harvard name through representations that are appropriate, accurate, and in accord with the following applicable policies: The Use of Harvard Names and Insignias, Electronic Contexts, Endorsement Guidelines, Harvard’s Name and Alcoholic Beverages and, as it relates to the use of the “Harvard” name, Principles Governing Commercial Activities.

In its commitment to make certain that all uses of the Harvard name by the Harvard community are in accord with the above referenced policies, the Trademark Program works closely with representatives from Harvard’s schools, departments, and units to address issues pertaining to the policies.

All inquiries about the Use-of-Name policies or any other “name-related” matters should be directed to the Trademark Program; in some cases, the review process may involve consultation with relevant administrators from Harvard Schools, departments and units.

To access the various policies related to the use of Harvard's name click here.