Harvard Flag

The Harvard Trademark Program was established by the President and Fellows of Harvard College in order to protect Harvard’s trademarks; to regulate the use of the trademarks on products sold under license from the University; and, after covering its operational expenses, to help support Harvard’s student-aid initiatives with royalties received from the sale of licensed products. In its protection efforts, the Trademark Program oversees the registration of Harvard’s trademarks and guards against their unauthorized use by identifying and resolving cases involving the misuse or infringement of Harvard’s trademarks on a worldwide basis. Through its licensing operation, the Trademark Program grants licenses to domestic and international companies to produce and sell Harvard insignia items.

The Trademark Program also administers Harvard University’s Use-of-Name policies and guidelines, including its Endorsement Guidelines, which govern the manner in which Harvard schools, departments, units, and the wider Harvard community may use the Harvard name through representations that are appropriate, accurate, and in accord with applicable policies.  In addition, the Trademark Program assists the Harvard community with trademark related issues and with requests to have goods produced containing any of Harvard’s trademarks.