2 - What are Harvard’s trademarks?

The family of “Harvard” trademarks, many of which are registered throughout the world for a variety of goods and services, are comprised of word-marks, design-marks, and letter-marks. Word-marks include names for the University itself such as “Harvard” and “Harvard University;" names for the various schools of the University as in “Harvard College,” “Harvard Business School,” “Harvard Medical School,” and “Harvard Law School;” names for Harvard departments, units, initiatives, activities, and affiliates such as “Harvard University Press,” “Harvard Faculty Club,” “Harvard University Health Services,” “Harvard Stem Cell Institute,” “The Harvard Club,” “The Harvard Student-Led Walking Tour,” and “Harvard Global” and other representative names such as “Harvard Soccer,” “The Harvard Shop,” “Hahvahd” and “Crimson.” The letter “H” is the primary letter-mark for the University, and the design-marks include the VE-RI-TAS shield, with and without wreath and banner, the shields of the various schools, and the University house shields. A "®" designation must accompany all registered trademarks of the University and a “TM” designation must accompany marks not yet registered.