15 - Who do I contact with copyright questions?

Harvard does not have an office that specifically deals with copyright requests. Reprint/reproduction permission for copyrighted documents is given by the individual Harvard school, department, or unit that created or oversees the work in question: this policy is a function of practicality as well as academic courtesy. To request permission to reproduce, in whole or part, material copyrighted by Harvard University (President and Fellows of Harvard College), you must contact the school or department that produced the material. For example, for books published by Harvard University Press (HUP), you must contact HUP; for material published by the Harvard Business Review, contact the business office for the Harvard Business Review; for a paper produced by a professor of chemistry, contact the Department of Chemistry; and so forth. Contact information for a University school or department can usually be found on a publication’s masthead; or you may obtain that information from the University information line at 617-495-1000.