Business Card Authorization Guidelines for Harvard Affiliates

These guidelines are based on the University’s policy on The Use of Harvard Names and Insignias and apply to all affiliates of Harvard and its schools and units, including faculty, staff, students, and other classes of affiliates such as fellows, lecturers, visiting scholars, etc.

1. Business cards are reserved for affiliates of Harvard who have current, active appointments or comparable relationships with the University through a Harvard school or unit.

Policy on the Use of Harvard Names and Insignias

Harvard by any other name would perhaps thrive as well, but some uses of Harvard's name by others may not always promote the purposes of the University. All members of the University and the institution as a whole benefit when its name is well used, and suffer when it is ill used.
The University takes a legitimate interest in the use of its name and insignia for at least three reasons:

The University and its members have a responsibility to ensure that any implied association with the University is accurate.