Trademark Guidance

The Trademark Program assists the Harvard community with a variety of trademark-related questions and issues, including when a Harvard school, department or unit wants to develop a new Harvard-formative name (or a name not containing “Harvard” in it). Such “word marks” are typically created as names for publications, programs, or to identify some other product/service being offered by a group at Harvard.

Besides making sure that the new name being contemplated complies with the University’s various Use-of-Name policies and guidelines, the Trademark Program also assists with the development of a “word mark” that will not infringe another party’s rights while at the same time being a name that can be protected from misuse by others.

In addition, the Trademark Program assists Harvard schools, departments and units that wish to develop a new shield or logo. The University has specific guidelines that must be followed whenever a new shield or logo is going to be created by a Harvard school, department or unit.

If you represent a Harvard school, department or unit that is considering creating a new name, shield or logo please contact the Trademark Program at